Child Leggins

Hello my fellow Royals!

It’s the weekend! Yay…so I planned to knit knit knit…but realized I made a promise to attend a birthday party… a two-year old birthday party. So of course I attended with the girls..and my knitting. Which I’m sure you could imagine, I did not knit a thing. One item I am working on that didn’t make the trip with me was some leggings for my daughter.

Why do I have so my projects? I just see something and said to myself… GOT TO MAKE… all I know is once these are done it will be one of the most worn… Hope the weekend is being enjoyable for you as well….Nothing beats family time!!!

Published by MilesofRoyalty

Hello my fellow knitters, crocheters, crafters, artisans… As well as my fellow buyers, sellers, readers, viewers… My name is Denika Miles. I am a mother of two beautiful little girls and a wife to a wonderful man. I love to knit and crochet…… well I love to craft. We’re located in the Sunshine state… Florida. I figured that having a blog would help me express my much needed obsession of knitting, crocheting….yarn! I plan to give a background look at all of my up coming projects and items that I plan on creating (or in the process of creating). From time again my little ones may make an appearance….. :) I am so excited to take this step along side my shop that I have opened with Etsy. You could always view my finished products at! Hope I can learn from my fellow community members and chit chat all knitting and yarn. Also hope to inspire someone out there that may want to take this next step as well or even to teach a new thing or two! Hope all is well with everyone!!!

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