M.o.R. ~Day 8~ Stepping Out on Faith 

Hello my fellow Royals! How’s it going? For me busy… It’s one thing being a stay at home mother and wife, but when you take on working full time outside of what you do and your own creative business… it becomes testy. It is truly an amazing feeling to know you have people standing behindContinue reading “M.o.R. ~Day 8~ Stepping Out on Faith “

M.o.R. ~Day 7~ Husband Socks

Hello fellow Royals! How’s everything going for everyone? This year is moving full steam ahead and not waiting for no one.  So if you gave yourself a goal or tasks to complete for the month or even the year I hope you have started on time to have it completed. My productivity has not changed.Continue reading “M.o.R. ~Day 7~ Husband Socks”

M.o.R. ~Day 6~ High Five to Production 

As I said before I’m putting more into my knitting and finishing things. And here I prove how serious I am to stay focused and make this an amazing year. I just shown this scarf as a work in progress… and less than time expected it’s done! One self can be all the motivation you need…Continue reading “M.o.R. ~Day 6~ High Five to Production “

M.o.R. ~Day 5~ Finish it all

Hello my fellow Royals. So with working so hard on finishing everything I started I fell asleep before posting Day 4 so of course today you are blessed with two postings.  So since I had the idea of staying focus and getting things done, I found a scarf I’ve been trying to finish.  I knowContinue reading “M.o.R. ~Day 5~ Finish it all”

M.o.R. ~Day 4~ Still Cuff’n It

Hello my fellow Royals! How’s the new year treating you? Have you been productive in your creative life as well as your personal life? I definitely have. Almost done with another pair of boot cuffs… one down another to go. These are perfect for low boots. Isn’t it so interesting how lighting changes everything. TheContinue reading “M.o.R. ~Day 4~ Still Cuff’n It”

M.o.R. ~Day 2~Productivity

I honestly love the start of a new year… everyone is moving full steam ahead on whatever they have listed as a “must” for the new year…. of course I am  one of those awesome people as well.. one thing to keep in mind is to actually keep up the motion and productivity. It’s easyContinue reading “M.o.R. ~Day 2~Productivity”