M.o.R. ~Day 89~Laugh Much?

Hello my fellow Royals!  Time is going isn’t it? Have you noticed it waits for no one… already changing months again and I find myself taking everything so seriously and no later. So lately I find myself on Pinterest in search for that… and of course it never let’s down. Let’s make a pack myContinue reading “M.o.R. ~Day 89~Laugh Much?”

M.o.R. ~Day 85~ Miss Babs continues…

Hey fellow Royals!  Just wanted to pop in really quick…. ok…. So I forgot to mention. With the Miss Babs order I also received a awesome smelling treat that I ordered. I would say if you can definitely get some for yourself! It smells sooooo good and leaves my hands very moisturized!

M.o.R. ~Day 84~WipsYarn

Hey there Royals! SO of course as you can see another purchase I made and received. This is actually my second purchase from this indie dyer. You can find her on Etsy as WipsYarn. Everything received is outstanding. This is the Valentine’s day collection. I know I know way past but I loved all theContinue reading “M.o.R. ~Day 84~WipsYarn”

M.o.R. ~Day 83~ 3 Color Cowl

Hey there my fellow Royals! How’s the crafts going… the inspiration brainstorming… the “I am my own BOSS” attitude going? Keep those heads up! I’ve been busy purchasing and knitting and figured I share my latest project that I happen to mention to you yesterday…. the 3 Color Cashmere Cowl  In just one day! ThisContinue reading “M.o.R. ~Day 83~ 3 Color Cowl”

M.o.R. ~Day 82~Miss Babs Order

Hey there fellow Royals! How’s your day going? My actually really good… especially since a yarn purchase came! You know how it feels to get something new…CHRISTMAS! ! just don’t know how to behave. I purchased from Miss Bans to knit something for myself. I always knit and crochet for others and nothing for myself.Continue reading “M.o.R. ~Day 82~Miss Babs Order”

M.o.R. ~Day 81~ Purchase From HandsomeFibers on Etsy:Knitter’s Pride Nova Cubics Plat…

Hey there! My fellow Royals…. So i have made some purchases recently including my favorite new needles…  Really love what I got on @Etsy from HandsomeFibers. #etsystar http://etsy.me/2nFcqBc These 5 in Cubic needles are so smooth. The yarn slides making knitting faster. I find its all due to the invention of the boxed like needleContinue reading “M.o.R. ~Day 81~ Purchase From HandsomeFibers on Etsy:Knitter’s Pride Nova Cubics Plat…”

M.o.R. ~Day 80~ Take a day

Hello my fellow Royals! Today was a good day to remove myself from work and take time to my family. I think one should always take a day… a day to reflect… to relax… to do nothing. I spent hours with two of three of my daughter and had flashbacks of when I was aContinue reading “M.o.R. ~Day 80~ Take a day”

M.o.R. ~Day 71~A Day without Yarn!

Hello my fellow Royals!  Today was a very productive day…. that didn’t include me working on any knitting or crochet! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! What’s up with that?! Well all in all it made my husband happy to see me take a break and have things done around the house. It wasnt easy being addicted to yarn andContinue reading “M.o.R. ~Day 71~A Day without Yarn!”

M.o.R. ~Day 69~ New to Come

Good day my fellow Royals! How’s it going?  Just wanted to stop in really fast. Stopped by the store for one thing and of course left with more than intentioned. Working hard at updates and making. Soon I’ll add to the shop all that is in the making.  Have you ever went to the storeContinue reading “M.o.R. ~Day 69~ New to Come”