Keeping a leveled Head.

Hello, my fellow Royals! Hope you all are well and in a peaceful environment!
If I could say so myself, everything seems to be happening so fast. Could you believe September is coming to an end? To some, this may cause a little panic and anxiety. Looking back at unaccomplished goals, your kids growing up, trips you weren’t able to take, or just the simple fact that time moved so fast may cause an individual to panic. Believe me, I was that person. With being a mother there is little time for yourself, and every little thing starts to build up and bother you. Especially if your children are still young. To someone looking from the outside in, they may not see the chaos. The stress built up or the tears being fought back. I learned recently that a good amount of people deal with anxiety. Surprisingly I don’t. I did feel the need to share some things I do that seems to help me to keep a level head and stay positive through all the hair pulling moments that my day consists of.
My five tips are:
1) Self-care. Take at least fifteen to thirty minutes to gather your thoughts. Take a break from whatever you are doing to not tire yourself out. My favorite place to think things through and calm down from the day is in the shower.
2) Make a list. Write down everything. No need to try to remember or use that brain space on things to do or what to buy. I am such a big list maker. I keep a personal planner with me where ever I go and jot down anything that comes to mind or to do. This would surely save you on that brilliant idea or invention you came up with but keep forgetting!
3)Take your time. There is nothing more rewarding than having everything completed. Personally, I prefer not to be burnt out at the end of the day. Yes, things are left undone and I had to teach myself to say “tomorrow is another day”. Here is where prioritizing comes into play and saves you on accomplishing what really matters.
4) Find an outlet or hobby. Find something that you absolutely love doing. It could be something with the family or completely alone. Take time to try things out to see what maybe that “thing”. Some ideas are: painting, drawing/doodling, knitting, poetry, or crochet. These “outlets” can be very relaxing and satisfying.
5) Talk to someone. When I say talk to someone I honestly mean that. I find myself self-doubting sometimes. Believe it or not, I call my mother and talk. I don’t only choose her because she’s my mother, but because I know if it’s dealing with my children she could relate and calm me with advice. With picking someone to speak with, pick an individual that will not judge. Someone that would not only give you that ear you need but speak and give comfort.
Even though these five things are simple and may not work for some, these five things are just something I incorporated to keep me sane. A popular saying I see being said now is “Adulting is hard”. Honestly, I believe nothing is hard unless you want it to be! So own it!! Take control of what you have going on. Keep your head up and don’t give in to the madness! We can all do it together one step at a time and with lists! 🙂

Published by MilesofRoyalty

Hello my fellow knitters, crocheters, crafters, artisans… As well as my fellow buyers, sellers, readers, viewers… My name is Denika Miles. I am a mother of two beautiful little girls and a wife to a wonderful man. I love to knit and crochet…… well I love to craft. We’re located in the Sunshine state… Florida. I figured that having a blog would help me express my much needed obsession of knitting, crocheting….yarn! I plan to give a background look at all of my up coming projects and items that I plan on creating (or in the process of creating). From time again my little ones may make an appearance….. :) I am so excited to take this step along side my shop that I have opened with Etsy. You could always view my finished products at! Hope I can learn from my fellow community members and chit chat all knitting and yarn. Also hope to inspire someone out there that may want to take this next step as well or even to teach a new thing or two! Hope all is well with everyone!!!

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