And so it ends…

Hey fellow Royals!!! Here it comes to an end. The year 2019… GONE. OH MY GOODNESS. I have to say, for myself at least, this year have been eventful. Good, amazing, and heart aching. Reflecting on this year, I have no clue where to begin. There are so many things that took place that I really don’t mind overlooking. Of course there are things that I cant even look past. To begin, from the last time I post, my son came before my due date. I was looking forward to meet him on or around November 7th. Instead he arrived October 22nd… YAYY!!! No Halloween baby!

As I celebrate having a healthy child, I lost my grandmother November 2nd. This was something my family knew was coming. We started to prepare, but no matter how much you tell your self your okay and is strong enough… Well you’re not. I grew up with my grandmother. She was like a second mother to me. When my mother was working hard to get us a house and to be able to fully provide, I had my grandmother. Because of my grandmother I got into crafting. She introduced me to yarn. And I thank her. Everyday is a work in progress. To be honest I feel like I am stuck in denial. At least once a week I pick up my phone and scroll down in my contacts to “Grandma” and hit the phone icon… and I sit there as it ring… waiting to see if I get someone on the line. I have no idea what I’ll do when or if that number is reassigned to someone else. ugh… So as I sit here still grieving and being a mom of now four… I told myself ALRIGHTY LETS GET READY FOR THE NEW YEAR!! So what did I do.. I grabbed a planner for 2020 with stickers and started planning. I took it even further and actually made a video!! Yes something I told myself to start doing I did!

Will forever miss my grandmother. Until we are together again đź’ž

As this year comes to an end, I give you all “homework”. It is something simple and actually only two words.. DO IT. Take time and think what is your “it”. Whatever you been thinking of and felt though you just don’t wanna or you will but…. forget that but forget all those excuses. Leave behind that self doubt. Stop thinking because all you’re doing is thinking yourself out of it. Breathe and.. DO IT!

Published by MilesofRoyalty

Hello my fellow knitters, crocheters, crafters, artisans… As well as my fellow buyers, sellers, readers, viewers… My name is Denika Miles. I am a mother of two beautiful little girls and a wife to a wonderful man. I love to knit and crochet…… well I love to craft. We’re located in the Sunshine state… Florida. I figured that having a blog would help me express my much needed obsession of knitting, crocheting….yarn! I plan to give a background look at all of my up coming projects and items that I plan on creating (or in the process of creating). From time again my little ones may make an appearance….. :) I am so excited to take this step along side my shop that I have opened with Etsy. You could always view my finished products at! Hope I can learn from my fellow community members and chit chat all knitting and yarn. Also hope to inspire someone out there that may want to take this next step as well or even to teach a new thing or two! Hope all is well with everyone!!!

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