Goals vs New Years Resolutions

Hey Royals! So the time has come and left to celebrate. To cheer… To… Well you know… Make a new years resolution. Come on!! Lets not pretend to be confused and scratch our heads on what this thing I’m talking about. You kkknnooowww… That promise…mission…that..that…GOAL you are shooting for and seem to never accomplish. YUP that! We are finally in 2020. Now what? What have you told yourself you are going to do once this year come? Are you actually doing it? Well are you?

Year after year I followed others and said “my new years resolution is…” and as fast as I say it, it is no longer. I left it right where I mentioned it. In the air. In the space where thoughts and new years resolutions go to die and or be forgotten. Yup that place where all of your “attempts” go. So why do it to yourself? Why keep calling it a new years resolution when all you’re doing is telling yourself a lie. Why does it have to be a new year for you to do better? Why tell yourself you’ll be better and just….dont? Not to be so blunt but I am. How about just calling it what it is and be fair to yourself. It is a goal. There is no difference at all. You are simply making a goal that you need accomplish… But keep failing to. Now lets really think this over…

When you label your goal as a new years resolution you are limiting yourself. You are telling yourself for this whole year this is my goal I must accomplish. I see no problem with this as long as it’s a accomplishable goal. Lets be truly honest with ourselves. Some things we tell our selves is so far fetch… when we look back at it, it’s absolutely laughable. Of course this is all my opinion, but I believe if you structure your goal (a.k.a your new years resolution) better it is possible to accomplish if not the entire goal at least half. If you reach a half mark in what ever you are trying to accomplish, it is more likely for you to finish completely. Honestly you will turn into your own positive force and encouragement.

My tips to make this happen:

1- Set a goal that you want to reach. From weight to lose or gain.. for even opening your own business.

2- List steps that will be a road map to how to accomplish this goal. I would definitely recommend getting a notebook or even a planner to keep your thoughts and steps.

3- With the list, set a timeframe for each step on when you want it to be accomplished. This could be each quarter you want to have a particular amount of steps accomplished or even base it off a monthly view.

4- Track your progress. Now this is when a planner would come in handy. With tracking your progress you are able to see where you are goal wise. You are also able to see when you pushed hard and accomplished wwaayyy more then you planned or when you slacked. Now even though you may have slacked doesn’t mean to give up! Keep going!!

Try it out! Break down whatever you have in your mind that you want to do. DO IT!! It’s never too late to start. It doesn’t have to be the first day of the year. All that matters is that you start! So let me know what is your goal for 2020? Did you break it down to make it more manageable to accomplish?

I wish you all the best my fellow Royals!! Make this year and every year to come YOUR YEAR!!

Published by MilesofRoyalty

Hello my fellow knitters, crocheters, crafters, artisans… As well as my fellow buyers, sellers, readers, viewers… My name is Denika Miles. I am a mother of two beautiful little girls and a wife to a wonderful man. I love to knit and crochet…… well I love to craft. We’re located in the Sunshine state… Florida. I figured that having a blog would help me express my much needed obsession of knitting, crocheting….yarn! I plan to give a background look at all of my up coming projects and items that I plan on creating (or in the process of creating). From time again my little ones may make an appearance….. :) I am so excited to take this step along side my shop that I have opened with Etsy. You could always view my finished products at http://www.milesofroyalty.com! Hope I can learn from my fellow community members and chit chat all knitting and yarn. Also hope to inspire someone out there that may want to take this next step as well or even to teach a new thing or two! Hope all is well with everyone!!!

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