M.o.R. ~Day 5~ Finish it all

Hello my fellow Royals. So with working so hard on finishing everything I started I fell asleep before posting Day 4 so of course today you are blessed with two postings.  So since I had the idea of staying focus and getting things done, I found a scarf I’ve been trying to finish.  I knowContinue reading “M.o.R. ~Day 5~ Finish it all”

M.o.R. ~Day 4~ Still Cuff’n It

Hello my fellow Royals! How’s the new year treating you? Have you been productive in your creative life as well as your personal life? I definitely have. Almost done with another pair of boot cuffs… one down another to go. These are perfect for low boots. Isn’t it so interesting how lighting changes everything. TheContinue reading “M.o.R. ~Day 4~ Still Cuff’n It”

Child Leggins

Hello my fellow Royals! It’s the weekend! Yay…so I planned to knit knit knit…but realized I made a promise to attend a birthday party… a two-year old birthday party. So of course I attended with the girls..and my knitting. Which I’m sure you could imagine, I did not knit a thing. One item I amContinue reading “Child Leggins”

Orders To Complete

Hello my fellow Royals! How’s everyone been? Me well…ehhh.. I’m officially apart of the sock craze. I’m mad I tell ya! It’s become my new “love to knit” item. I don’t know if it’s the yarn or because they’re socks. My husband has a pair and another nearly down. Then I have a pair thatContinue reading “Orders To Complete”