Staying Distracted

Hello my fellow Royals!

Its been a minute. I told myself i would do better with posting then life happened. The world as we knew it was flipped. The way we have done things has changed. The new way has moved in and looks to stay. What could we do but stay distracted. Well try at least…

So let me share many many ways I’m stay distracted. You don’t have to guess how that is… I’m a mother, a wife, a small business owner. Just imagine for a second what I may be doing… Yup… That.. Oh yeah that too… Oh you forgot EVERYTHING else!

Crocheting a scrappy blanket holding two strands of chunky yarn together

I really don’t mind being busy. With all that is going on I need it. I’ve been pulling out all the yarn… All the patterns… All the ideas.. And doing them all. Once one is done I start another.

Well that was the plan.

I noticed everytime something happens that puts me in an unhappy state I cast on something new…

Chunky infinity scarf/cowl

…and then another…

Multicolored scarf/cowl plum and grey

…and I didn’t stop there..🙈

Most recent cast on… Testing a pattern for a dear friend.

Now not to say this is it.. I’m just not going to bore you with it all.. Today.. I hope you all are staying busy. Staying active. Loving your loved ones. Praying for each other. I would love to hear what you all have been up to. What have you been doing to stay distracted? And if nothing how come??

WIP’n It.

Hello there my fellow Royals! We’re wrapping up January 2020! Did you enjoy it? Or are you enjoying it? I’ve been so busy with finishing all things. Not including starting new things to finish. It’s so hard for me to not start something new. Could you relate? Like why are there so many things thats like yyyyyeesssssss!!! MMMAKKKEEEEEE!!!!! 🤦 well here is a few things im currently working on and hopefully able to have them finished before next month… Let see…

Adult size and infant size Mega Pom Beanies (without the Poms) by Toni from Tlyarncrafts
Cole River Shawl by Toni from Tlyarncrafts
Simple “vanilla” knitted socks for hubby

Keep an eye out I will be having the Mega Pom beanie being added for purchase. They will be slowly added with a range of colors to pick from.

Clean Off Your Desk Day

Hey there Royals! How’s your start of 2020 going? Is it going? Do you need something to start you off so you can feel accomplished? For example, a national day… Like lets say clean off your desk day! Did you know there is such a day?

Starting off with a clean slate can really wake up some needed inspiration. Not only inspiration, but it could also help with prioritizing. While cleaning off my desk I was able to find what is not needed, what projects that is not going to work, and what I actually need to focus on.  On top of finding the old, it is possible those “old” will develop into a “new”. You might even find an old project to not work and now with a fresh pair of eyes… Well gosh darn it… Just needed to walk away and come back!

Grab one thing at a time and clean off that desk. Just imagine it like brain dumping. Clear out the old… The forgotten… And recharge that brain…You’re welcome!

Goals vs New Years Resolutions

Hey Royals! So the time has come and left to celebrate. To cheer… To… Well you know… Make a new years resolution. Come on!! Lets not pretend to be confused and scratch our heads on what this thing I’m talking about. You kkknnooowww… That promise…mission…that..that…GOAL you are shooting for and seem to never accomplish. YUP that! We are finally in 2020. Now what? What have you told yourself you are going to do once this year come? Are you actually doing it? Well are you?

Year after year I followed others and said “my new years resolution is…” and as fast as I say it, it is no longer. I left it right where I mentioned it. In the air. In the space where thoughts and new years resolutions go to die and or be forgotten. Yup that place where all of your “attempts” go. So why do it to yourself? Why keep calling it a new years resolution when all you’re doing is telling yourself a lie. Why does it have to be a new year for you to do better? Why tell yourself you’ll be better and just….dont? Not to be so blunt but I am. How about just calling it what it is and be fair to yourself. It is a goal. There is no difference at all. You are simply making a goal that you need accomplish… But keep failing to. Now lets really think this over…

When you label your goal as a new years resolution you are limiting yourself. You are telling yourself for this whole year this is my goal I must accomplish. I see no problem with this as long as it’s a accomplishable goal. Lets be truly honest with ourselves. Some things we tell our selves is so far fetch… when we look back at it, it’s absolutely laughable. Of course this is all my opinion, but I believe if you structure your goal (a.k.a your new years resolution) better it is possible to accomplish if not the entire goal at least half. If you reach a half mark in what ever you are trying to accomplish, it is more likely for you to finish completely. Honestly you will turn into your own positive force and encouragement.

My tips to make this happen:

1- Set a goal that you want to reach. From weight to lose or gain.. for even opening your own business.

2- List steps that will be a road map to how to accomplish this goal. I would definitely recommend getting a notebook or even a planner to keep your thoughts and steps.

3- With the list, set a timeframe for each step on when you want it to be accomplished. This could be each quarter you want to have a particular amount of steps accomplished or even base it off a monthly view.

4- Track your progress. Now this is when a planner would come in handy. With tracking your progress you are able to see where you are goal wise. You are also able to see when you pushed hard and accomplished wwaayyy more then you planned or when you slacked. Now even though you may have slacked doesn’t mean to give up! Keep going!!

Try it out! Break down whatever you have in your mind that you want to do. DO IT!! It’s never too late to start. It doesn’t have to be the first day of the year. All that matters is that you start! So let me know what is your goal for 2020? Did you break it down to make it more manageable to accomplish?

I wish you all the best my fellow Royals!! Make this year and every year to come YOUR YEAR!!

And so it ends…

Hey fellow Royals!!! Here it comes to an end. The year 2019… GONE. OH MY GOODNESS. I have to say, for myself at least, this year have been eventful. Good, amazing, and heart aching. Reflecting on this year, I have no clue where to begin. There are so many things that took place that I really don’t mind overlooking. Of course there are things that I cant even look past. To begin, from the last time I post, my son came before my due date. I was looking forward to meet him on or around November 7th. Instead he arrived October 22nd… YAYY!!! No Halloween baby!

As I celebrate having a healthy child, I lost my grandmother November 2nd. This was something my family knew was coming. We started to prepare, but no matter how much you tell your self your okay and is strong enough… Well you’re not. I grew up with my grandmother. She was like a second mother to me. When my mother was working hard to get us a house and to be able to fully provide, I had my grandmother. Because of my grandmother I got into crafting. She introduced me to yarn. And I thank her. Everyday is a work in progress. To be honest I feel like I am stuck in denial. At least once a week I pick up my phone and scroll down in my contacts to “Grandma” and hit the phone icon… and I sit there as it ring… waiting to see if I get someone on the line. I have no idea what I’ll do when or if that number is reassigned to someone else. ugh… So as I sit here still grieving and being a mom of now four… I told myself ALRIGHTY LETS GET READY FOR THE NEW YEAR!! So what did I do.. I grabbed a planner for 2020 with stickers and started planning. I took it even further and actually made a video!! Yes something I told myself to start doing I did!

Will forever miss my grandmother. Until we are together again 💞

As this year comes to an end, I give you all “homework”. It is something simple and actually only two words.. DO IT. Take time and think what is your “it”. Whatever you been thinking of and felt though you just don’t wanna or you will but…. forget that but forget all those excuses. Leave behind that self doubt. Stop thinking because all you’re doing is thinking yourself out of it. Breathe and.. DO IT!

Who am I?

Hello, my fellow Royals! I just realized it’s been so long that i actually posted and just a few days ago I began to post like i never stopped 🤦‍♀️. So now I feel weird 😂. So much has changed in my life that I must share… Wouldn’t you want to know?!

So who am I? I am a wife. A wife to an amazing man that I’ve been together for years. When I say years i don’t mean 6 years. We’ve been together since 2007. This is a guy I have known almost my whole life. Could you believe we first met in the fourth grade🤭. We got happily married in 2014. So then I have to ask again…

Who am I? I am a mother. When i first started this blog and stopped and started again I only had one daughter with another on the way. Well, yeah that’s different 😊. I now have three beautiful girls and my only little boy on the way 😦. Yup that’s right. A momma bear of soon to be four (4!) cubs… Hands full much?

Newest addition to join us Nov. 2019😁

Who am I? I am a creator. A design. I love to knit and crochet and draw and paint. I love to be creative in my own space. Move to whatever influences me.   I love to try new things to say I have tried. To sum up who I am is impossible. Impossible because I am everything. I am all of the above. I am me, and this is who I am.

Tunisian crochet ear warmers

In the name of love

I have to admit. I love yarn. BOOM I said it. Its something definitely wonderful about making a purchase to actually having yarn in my hands. What is that “something” you ask? Satisfaction… It’s truly satisfying and exciting. To get yarn and turn it into something wearable… I just love it! Let me give some examples of this love that blossoms daily…

This is an Orion Mesh beanie pattern written by Caleisha Ryan/Quirky Monday Crafts and could be found on
Knitted infinity scarf made with chunky yarn
Not only do I make for adults, I do as well for our prince and princesses. Cute bear diaper cover set 💙

So fulfilling seeing items I’ve made go off to a new home or to it’s desired, owner. The warmth the items bring, the joy, the happiness, the laughter, the self-esteem. I not only make and create for my enjoyment I do it for others. Not every time I charge for my items either. You never know what someone may be going through in life, and something so simply made by hand can uplift them. God gave me the gift to create and why not share that gift?

Is there something you love doing that simply bring you happiness? Not only yourself but others around you? Have you uplifted anyone lately?

Keeping a leveled Head.

Hello, my fellow Royals! Hope you all are well and in a peaceful environment!
If I could say so myself, everything seems to be happening so fast. Could you believe September is coming to an end? To some, this may cause a little panic and anxiety. Looking back at unaccomplished goals, your kids growing up, trips you weren’t able to take, or just the simple fact that time moved so fast may cause an individual to panic. Believe me, I was that person. With being a mother there is little time for yourself, and every little thing starts to build up and bother you. Especially if your children are still young. To someone looking from the outside in, they may not see the chaos. The stress built up or the tears being fought back. I learned recently that a good amount of people deal with anxiety. Surprisingly I don’t. I did feel the need to share some things I do that seems to help me to keep a level head and stay positive through all the hair pulling moments that my day consists of.
My five tips are:
1) Self-care. Take at least fifteen to thirty minutes to gather your thoughts. Take a break from whatever you are doing to not tire yourself out. My favorite place to think things through and calm down from the day is in the shower.
2) Make a list. Write down everything. No need to try to remember or use that brain space on things to do or what to buy. I am such a big list maker. I keep a personal planner with me where ever I go and jot down anything that comes to mind or to do. This would surely save you on that brilliant idea or invention you came up with but keep forgetting!
3)Take your time. There is nothing more rewarding than having everything completed. Personally, I prefer not to be burnt out at the end of the day. Yes, things are left undone and I had to teach myself to say “tomorrow is another day”. Here is where prioritizing comes into play and saves you on accomplishing what really matters.
4) Find an outlet or hobby. Find something that you absolutely love doing. It could be something with the family or completely alone. Take time to try things out to see what maybe that “thing”. Some ideas are: painting, drawing/doodling, knitting, poetry, or crochet. These “outlets” can be very relaxing and satisfying.
5) Talk to someone. When I say talk to someone I honestly mean that. I find myself self-doubting sometimes. Believe it or not, I call my mother and talk. I don’t only choose her because she’s my mother, but because I know if it’s dealing with my children she could relate and calm me with advice. With picking someone to speak with, pick an individual that will not judge. Someone that would not only give you that ear you need but speak and give comfort.
Even though these five things are simple and may not work for some, these five things are just something I incorporated to keep me sane. A popular saying I see being said now is “Adulting is hard”. Honestly, I believe nothing is hard unless you want it to be! So own it!! Take control of what you have going on. Keep your head up and don’t give in to the madness! We can all do it together one step at a time and with lists! 🙂

~M.o.R.~ Happy New Years!

Hello my fellow Royals!

Its another year that has came and gone. Last year was.. A year… To say the least. I’m so looking forward to 2018 and all it glory. I will challenge myself and will accomplish what I didn’t last year and the goals I have given myself this year. I told myself no one else has to believe… Just me. I hope you all are well and bring in 2018 with high hopes and belief in one self. Enjoy the year, enjoy family.. Just because its January 1st 2018 doesn’t mean it has to be today everything is accomplished!

As I start on my pile of unfinidhed …half finished… Why isn’t it finished items… I tell you thid .. If you wasn’t told already… YOU ARE AWESOME THE WAY YOU ARE!

Stay blessed😘

~M.o.R.~ Day 16 Blogmas. Tired…Just tired

Hello my fellow Royals!

So I am tired. I spent the day with few knitting time, but a lot of cleaning, throwing away, and running after kids. What can I say, living the mommy life. I have so many projects that I want to finish before Christmas gets here. Then I have another set of projects that I want to get done before 2018 meets us.

Now Christmas shopping… Have you finished? Have you even started?? Well I haven’t! Crazy  am I? I don’t know, but this year we’re planning to be different. Like everyone else, we usually overspend on all of these things that is definitely not needed at that time. I’m so grateful to have children that doesn’t give heartache on not having things right away. For the most part they are understanding and I hope and pray they remain that way as they grow. It took me all these years to finally see that…WAIT why am I spending so much on ONE (1) DAY???? With a list of reasoning (so I don’t feel crazy) I noted that we actually purchase things for ourselves and children throughout the year just because. No reasoning no nothing…just because gifts throughout the year. So all in all we are going to make purchases BUT it will be a significant change. No need to have 9,999,9876,332 gifts under the tree and hardly any space to put them…LOL.

To sum it all up… I’m sleepy..I’m tired… I’m so done with today…

Hope this day was productive or relaxing for you!!