A little gift

baby shower gift made... beanie and shoes to match! ;)
baby shower gift made… beanie and shoes to match! 😉

Hello out there my fellow Royals!

While still knitting and trying to get things done… I was able to make a little gift for a little one. I cant get enough of knitting for little ones. Its always so fast and looks so sweet. I have so many things that was made for little ones… well only because I started my obsession with babies while pregnant. My husband and I decided that we will have a “push surprise”.. so in the mist of waiting until our due date I knitted and crocheted like crazy. Secretly wishing for a son, I knitted all kind of things in all kinds of colors. Now that I have another little girl…. I have all these things that  she can not wear. Well I guess she can. I already have a lot of clothes and such for her since I saved all of my first daughter clothes…. smart huh. Even so I cant help but make more things and keep spoiling my babies. I want to make a sweater for both of them… just got to breath and do it…. start simple!

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Starting Again.


Hello my fellow Royals!

So I have started a blog….. Then found that I was not managing my time as well as I wanted to and put it to the side. Now I am back again….. Trying to start a business and take care of a family can be challenging. You really have to put in the time EVERYWHERE not giving one thing more time than the other. I have a difficult time with that part because when my children need me… they need me. I have done more projects that I have listed in my shop… which the inventory is slowly growing…… wow I almost started to ramble…. well I guess that doesn’t matter because well if anything it is my rambling session….. Especially since it will be on the terms of what I am up to in my knitting obsession.

My newest projects are dishcloths. I have three different sizes (which kind of was not planned). I will try to post some pictures of them.

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